AN#6: Lucy’s faith

Yeah. I decided to make Lucy a Methodist because that seems a pretty common faith here.  That being said, Protestants here are more vague about their denomination than Catholics. So Lucy is more a nominal Methodist than a die-hard one. Though devout, her faith is from within rather than from learned books. Charlotte Bronte seemed to have felt guilty at her lack of devotion, and according to her friend Mary Taylor, she had an unusually liberal tolerance of other sects. Despite her dislike of Catholics this indicates a more liberal character before her Belgian days. I suspect Belgian changed her and made her narrow-minded – but she was still accepting of Dissenters eg. Unitarians.  She seems to have disliked ritual and hellfire lectures in Christianity, which is why she condemned Methodism, Catholicism, etc. But she disliked the sects more than their people. Nowadays the anti-Catholic sentiment is ridiculous and outdated o I won’t have her against Catholics. I imagine Lucy’s aunt Elizabeth is a devout Methodist and forces Lucy to attend church, but Lucy feels it is ostentatious and ceremonial rather than an inner feeling.


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