AN#5: Lucy’s family

Lucy doesn’t mention what sort of family she has, apart from two uncles whom I presume are dead, since she doesn’t go to them for help. She is probably an orphan, unlike her creator who had a father still living but four dead sisters and a dead brother.  For my Lucy, I don’t think making her live with a father and an aunt is viable today, because unmarried sisters-in-law don’t live with their widowed brothers-in-law, women actually working nowadays and leading their own lives.  I think blog!Lucy’s parents died a while ago (say, when she was in her teens) and Lucy was taken in by her mum’s sister, and they’re not really close and don’t get along well. Lucy’s aunt Elizabeth is a good, honest and hardworking unmarried woman, who is practical and unsympathetic to her more emotional niece’s fancies.  She can be hard-hearted at times, mainly because they have no sympathy with each other, but takes her in more out of duty than love. I presume she was Lucy’s mum’s favourite sister.  Lucy’s aunt is of course based on Charlotte Bronte’s aunt, Elizabeth Branwell.


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